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After the initial shock of a cancer diagnosis most people cope with the help of family and friends.  For some however, such a diagnosis can cause difficult emotions like anxiety or even depression.  If these problems persist it is important to seek professional help. 

A proportion of cancer patients and their carers experience serious psychological problems which need expert intervention.  Treatment of such psychological problems, in addition to improving the quality of life, has also been shown to improve outcomes of treatment, including survival.

Manx Cancer Help’s Psycho-oncology Service was established in 2008 to provide a confidential counselling and psychotherapy service for people affected by cancer.   The Psycho-oncology Service is the only such service in the Isle of Man.

The Psycho-oncology Service provides this free and specialist support either face to face or by telephone.  In some cases it is also possible to offer appointments at home or in hospital.

The Service employs a visiting Consultant Clinical Psychologist and a Psychotherapist.  Other trainees and professionally qualified staff work on a sessional basis.  All staff employed by the Service are professionally qualified and registered with the appropriate professional body.

The Service offers specialist psychotherapeutic interventions including Cognitivie Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Person Centred Counselling to help deal with the emotional difficulties relating to cancer or even earlier stresses and trauma resurrected as a result of cancer.   Individuals are usually offered a series of one-to-one appointments, which are entirely confidential. The Service follows NICE guidelines (National Institute for Health Care Excellence). 

If you feel that you may benefit from Manx Cancer Help’s Psycho-oncology Service, then  check out our Accessing Services page for more details about how to refer.





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